Welcome to the official homepage of the Elizabethan Madrigal Singers–more affectionately known as “Mads.” Formed in 1950, Mads remains Aberystwyth University’s longest running society. Since its infancy, this auditioned group has become the university’s prime chamber choir, boasting of a rather prestigious and extensive history. Each year, hundreds of ex-Mads organize a reunion event taking place in Aberystwyth, inviting the current choir along for a weekend of choral workshops and classes.

Mads performs from a vast collection of repertoire, ranging from sacred pieces to folk music, as well as the madrigals you might expect. Alongside singing in and around the town of Aberystwyth, Mads go on tour every summer to various international locations, performing in UK-based festivals and competitions all through term-time. Furthermore, Aberystwyth University invites Mads to perform at its graduation ceremonies every year, including a traditional performance of Laudate Nomen Domini for the Vice Chancellor’s luncheon.

  1. Our Mission:
    • The Elizabethan Madrigal Singers shares our passion for choral music with the Aberystwyth community and surrounding region through performances that exemplify music’s unique power to touch the human heart and mind.
    • As a small chamber choir ensemble, we offer outstanding performances of diverse repertoire reaching across genres, time periods, and cultures–specializing in early Renaissance madrigals–and bringing to varied audiences a deeper understanding and broader appreciation for choral music.
  2. Vision:
    • The Mads will be recognized as Aberystwyth’s premiere chamber choral ensemble. We will be valued for our commitment to enriching the cultural landscape of Aberystwyth and the surrounding area, our connectedness to the Aberystwyth community, and our dedication to innovative collaboration with artists or other musical groups to bring unique and varied musical experiences to our community.

  3. Values: 
    • Musical Excellence–We strive to engage in performances of exceptional quality across a broad spectrum of musical periods. We value excellent musicianship that includes interpretation of the text, context of the music, and intent of the music to convey emotion as well as technical skill.
    • Connectedness–In order to create a unique shared musical experience from which every participant benefits, we value connecting with each other, our collaborators, our audiences, and the broader community.
    • Passion–Our passion for musical expression starts with each other during the process of concert preparation, and we strive to communicate that experience and energy to our audiences during performances. We want to reach, inspire, and engage our audiences through exploration of a wide range of emotions and musical histories. We want our audiences to feel entertained, moved, exhilarated, and impressed.
    • Legacy–We contribute to the enduring legacy of choral music for current and future generations and promote appreciation of choral music as a distinct art form. And lastly, we hope to put the Old College on the map once again for university students to love, participate in, and appreciate as a musical hub in the small coastal town of Aberystwyth.

Meet The Current Committee!

"Hi, I'm Emily. I'm the President of the choir and a third year Computer Science student. My main instrument is the oboe and I have been in choirs for the majority of my life. I have been a member of Mads for three years, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the choir so far, and hope that whilst president I can keep the great community we have inside the choir and keep us going from strength to strength. This year is our 70th anniversary and, as a result, we have lots of things planned. I hope to make this year a really special one for all of our members."

Emily Waide
President [eaw10]

"Hello, my name is Baylee. I am a third year reading pure mathematics, and I've spent my most of my life studying classical piano and jazz voice. Throughout that time, I've had the honor of participating in many international piano competitions as well as studying with music professors at the University of Denver, Colorado. But, most of all, my high school jazz choir years instilled within me a great love for small ensemble singing. I'm beyond excited for this year, and I hope to spread the invaluable chamber choir experience with as many new members as possible!" 

Baylee Schütte
Conductor and Treasurer [bas18]

"Hello! I am the Vice President/Secretary/Wellbeing Officer in the choir, and I am so excited to be a member of the choir this year as we will be celebrating the Mad's 70th year! I have been in choirs since I was ten years old and have played the flute since I was eight. Music has been a big part of my life. I am currently in my third year of Childhood Studies; however, being in the choir is my favourite part of University Life, and I hope we can make all of our members feel the same way."

Leanne Plank
Vice President, Secretary and Wellbeing Officer [lep28]

"Hi, I'm the Assistant Conductor. I'm going into my third year studying Environmental Earth Science and have been spending progressively more time in music groups during my time at uni. I have been in various orchestras since I was 9, and have fallen back in love with singing while in Aber. Despite only being a part of Mads for one semester, I'm looking forward to pushing myself and getting more involved."

Evelyn Elmes
Assistant Conductor [eae3]

"Hey there, my name is Jack. I am the Social and Tour Secretary. I am just starting my second year in a Maths and Film joint degree. I had never performed in choirs before coming to Aber and being a member of the Mads this year has hugely increased my confidence in performing and also helped me find my love for singing. This year I really want to focus on making sure everyone feels included in and out of the choir and trying to make the society friendly welcoming. I will also be planning a tour for our 70th Anniversary!!"

Jack Norris
Social Secretary [jgb1]